A 70’s Simplicity pattern

Recently I discovered the joy of working from a simplicity pattern. From it I discovered the perfect way to produce a V-neck. A V-neck tunic with a collar and facing. Ahhh! I’ve avoided one off these for a long time. However the instructions from the bought pattern were there for me to refer to and they were very clear.

Who would think that a Perfect V would be created from TWO stitches, and this made it very much easier to snip into turn through and press.

The images above are from the new menswear collection “formication” by KellyDawn Riot.


3 thoughts on “A 70’s Simplicity pattern

  1. i do this way too (I did my sewing sampler book for college in the 80s assisted by the 60s simplicity sewing book) I love the older patterns and the simplicity ones really are quick effective sews. I started using vintage patterns ‘properly’ (ie following instructions exactly) 2 years ago to try and undo some naughty sewing habits (those ‘shortcuts’) …..

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    1. We only used Winifred Aldrich in college in the 80’s for pattern cutting, the making side of it was pretty much guess work!!! Changed days there now though. What I love is, even after sewing for all these years, you can still find something new to try, same for you, yes?


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