I live in Edinburgh, Scotland. I love to sew, cut patterns and refashion garments. I work as the Fashion technician at Edinburgh College of Art.

I am delighted to be writing posts on pattern cutting, sewing techniques and refashioning as part of the Sew it With Love team, founded by Elena Pintus and based in London. We love the same things!! Have a look at everything Elena has to offer at

I also pattern-cut and make samples for independent fashion designers. Each designer I work with has their own style for creating their collections and I simply adapt to their particular methods.

In July/ August I made sample garments for Mdes students at Glasgow School of Art. The Fashion Promenade was held in September.

So, sewing frenzy over for the moment, the commission included the making of a 31 piece garment collection. Designer Kelly Dawn-Riot won the Scotland Re:designed New Talent Award in 2014. Kelly launched her new menswear collection “Formication” on 2nd July 2015 at SWG3 in Glasgow. This collection was sponsored by Zero Waste Scotland and Love your Clothes. Kelly’s eco-friendly prints are strong and individual and beautifully engineered. Kelly Mcgrath is an M(Des) graduate in Fashion and Textiles from Glasgow School of Art.

photo-2 copy

In 2014 I started pattern cutting and making samples for the artist in residence in the fashion department at Edinburgh College of Art. This autumn/winter collection was shown at Fashion Scout at London Fashion Week in February. (The image above is of her stand at Fashion Scout.) The collection was recently featured at Fashion 15, a fashion show held in the Vaults in Edinburgh.

CHY5baV9HUaLbhH3CE3273VFThe exhibit Quodlibet XXXV 2014 seen below, shows some of the inspiration and designs for the collaborators new fashion collection for 2015. The Inventors of Tradition II is an exhibition and shop conceived by Atelier E.B. and Panel in partnership with The Palace of Art and Steff Norwood. The exhibition runs from 2 – 30 May 2015 at The Palace of Art in Glasgow.


In 2014, I finished working on a selection of patterns for Beca for the 2015 collection of Atelier EB, the umbrella name for the collaboration between artist Lucy McKenzie and the designer Beca Lipscombe. They exhibit worldwide and Lucy McKenzie recently exhibited at Edinburgh’s Gallery of Modern Art in the “GENERATION: 25 Years of Contemporary Art in Scotland” exhibition.

I’ve been cutting patterns, and to a lesser extent, making samples for Beca for many years now, starting in 2004 under her own label, Beca Lipscombe. The images above are from the Bonnie Lass collection.

I cut a selection of patterns and made samples for Holly Fulton during 2009/10 for her first collections shown at Fashion East at London Fashion Week.


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