For Designin December. Another pattern hack, how to and a refashion #DESIGNINDECEMBER


This is an great idea from Linda of Nice dress! Thanks, I made it. and I did check with her if it was ok for me to join in as a refashioner! My inspiration for #DESIGNINDECEMBER is a collection of floral’s from Milan Fashion Week. I couldn’t find one particular image to use so my outfit is intended to sit alongside these. Ha ha! can you spot me?? I’ll include all the elements I enjoy in my making of this. A refashioned vest made from a shirt, a £3 pair of trousers, narrowed and shortened and a lightweight jacket made from a pattern hack of the Sewoverit vintage shirt dress.

So I’ve been looking for a pretty floral, 70’s influence and found one in one of my favourite sources for fabric, a sale rail, with palazzo pants for £9. It does have that 70’s curtain fabric look, which I really like, and the fabric feels great!

I had another idea for a pattern hack of the Sewoverit vintage shirt dress! To eliminate the waist seam, but keep the tucks at the waistline. And to remove the gathering at the shoulder seam and the sleeve head. Here’s how to

I started by drawing round the front bodice shape. I wanted to take out the shoulder gathering from the front. I found the bust point by folding out the gathering and cutting open the dart line that would have originally formed the front tuck.
I started by drawing round the front bodice shape. I wanted to take out the shoulder gathering from the front. I found the bust point by folding out the gathering and cutting open the dart line that would have originally formed the front tuck.
redraw round the front.

The next bit

Cut it out and divide it into 4 pieces. Then cut the pieces apart. I always number pieces like this,because they look so similar to each other, to get them back into the correct order
As you fit the pieces onto the waist of the bodices, you can straighten them out. This gives you the side seam shaping and a reduced hem edge.
Draw round the back bodice, the new front is sitting alongside. The reason I cut the skirt pieces is because the original waist is on a curve and I need it to be straighter to line up with the line of the waists of the front and back bodices.

I redrew round the new front and back pieces, pinned them together, pinned the new tucks and fitted it onto the dummy, to check that the changes were sitting correctly. I then changed the neckline to be a band to fit round the front and back neck and hold the button and buttonholes. I also reduced the amount of ease in the sleeve head, to loose the gathering!


The pattern pieces are now ready to fit into the trouser.


I unpicked the inside legs and removed the waistband and pressed before laying out the pattern pieces.


And the finished jacket type blouse!

The trousers, bought for £3, are too long and wide. I chopped off 10cm and marked in 3.5cm each side, from the knee down, where I wanted it to be narrower. I always use the finished length line as a fold for the hem and mirror image from it. There’s nothing worse than a hem not having enough length to stitch round. This method guarantees enough length regardless of how deep the hem is!


Finally, to complete the outfit, a plain black vest top, already blogged about here and worn on very many occasions by me.

Cat’s back! His brother is totally camera shy! Anyway, complete outfit, I don’t usually find inspiration in this way, but I have enjoyed doing this. I’m out to eat with some pals this week and I’m planning on wearing this!




9 thoughts on “For Designin December. Another pattern hack, how to and a refashion #DESIGNINDECEMBER

  1. thats fantastic, love the fresh from milan line up!! you really use *and wear) pattern fabric well. those trousers turned out great. I have a pair of wide leg wool trousers to recut and am avoiding them, so i am doubly jealous. very inspirational on the shirts as I have a few blouses upstairs also (a queue of garment wannabes) that need tlc………….

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    1. Thank you, I love prints and never manage to wear much else!! This weekend was a no fun sewing one. I had cut out and check matched a jacket and it was a hideous shape! Arrrgh! I had to recut it, making it just fasten and the sleeves were just long enough. Then I changed the shape of a t-shirt and didn’t like it before and like it even less now! Not every day is a good sewing day!
      But the line-up did make me laugh too!


  2. Perfect! And you are the first one out of the gate too!! A Winner!! I love the Milan line up – I think you’re the second one from the right, aren’t you? 😄. I used to have a black with floral skirt that I loved. It was a soft cotton. I loved it so. Nice to see florals are back and we can all have them without spending an exorbitant sum of money. Your ideas are fantastic, I really don’t know how you piece it all together, but you are very clever with your refashioning! I am about two weeks behind in my sewing, due to an illness in the family, but I will get mine done in time for #DESIGNINDECEMBER! Do you mind if I repost your outfit on my blog too tonight? Don’t forget you can use Pinterest, Twitter and Instagram too, tag it #DESIGNINDECEMBER. Thank you for joining in! 🎉💃🎊 Bravo!

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    1. So glad you like it, feel free to repost whatever you like! I think you have to pin it yourself or invite me to the board?! It took almost a week to get that sunny day and couldn’t even go outside because of the wind!!
      I enjoyed the challenge!

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  3. You have such a good eye Linda! I can’t imagine many people would have seen those palazzo pants and thought “they would make an amazing jacket”! The whole outfit looks great on you.

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    1. Thanks Janey, sometimes I walk round shops and don’t like anything and I change the garments in my head!! So often I love a print and don’t like the style of garment and vice versa, must happen to everyone! That’s what makes sewing so great!! However like you, I’m only just managing to see myself in the blog posts. Still don’t like having my photo taken!!

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