An upcycled gift saved by a shoe box!

In my years of sewing I have made very many things and I do enjoy a sewing challenge! A friend of mine, who has spent many years writing diaries, decided it was time for her to have a cover for the diary, which she could remove and use again and again. Before I started writing this blog I had not realised how massive the online sewing community was! So I decided to research and find a post on the production of this diary cover and let someone else do the figuring out for me.

The lovely fabric had been specially sourced. The band, as recommended, is a hair bobble, a button and a bookmark from a strip of the same fabric. The entire inside is interfaced. Finished. No. Look again. It’s wobbly!? Time to think again and make adjustments!! I needed the whole cover to be firmer – I searched the house for – card! And eventually found the best bits in the form of a shoe box.

This she will never know, unless she decides to read this. So now I had to unpick the edge and set in the card. This was very fiddley and annoying, but only because I did it as an afterthought! The end result is much better. I used the folded edge of the shoe box to form one of the edges of the cover’s spine and that worked really well.


You can see in the images how much firmer the cover looks.

And then I decided on a different, flatter button and changed that too! Hope she likes it?

While I was making this I realised that it would be a perfect gift and could be made from any scrap of fabric, patch worked, denim from old jeans, furry or something sentimental, as this piece was! And who doesn’t have an old shoe box to recycle?


5 thoughts on “An upcycled gift saved by a shoe box!

  1. So you have a choice now… You can say Oh it was so easy to make ! I’m clever and just covered a shoe box… Or Oh it was so hard, I searched online and in stores for days to source the board for the cover and the fabric! Whichever you choose, you did a lovely job and good idea making it a hard cover!

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