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Finally, finished! I wasn’t going to take part in this challenge, mainly because, for me, jeans are jeans, and I tend to prefer blue denim on my legs. However once a thought is planted, sometimes it’s just a case of letting it develop by itself, consciously or not?

I was loving the floral embroidery appearing in the shops, and when I spotted this Zara window display in Princes Street in Edinburgh, I thought Wow!! The idea was forming! Much as I love the many colours used in these embroideries, I chose to simplify and use only cream on black. I eventually managed to find 2 pairs of almost colour matching black jeans, and I have a favourite vintage pattern that I’m continually trying out in different fabrics.

To make the panel pieces fit into the jeans I redrafted the front and back of the pattern and moved the bust dart to mid armhole and made it into a curved seam. I used this feature on the back also. Now I’m no embroiderer so I cut the florals from 2 tops, the black one was £3 in a sale and the other had been discarded by my daughter. I ironed bondaweb onto the back of the pieces, making it much easier to cut out with tiny sharp scissors.

I unpicked the back pockets, and reused them on the jacket. The sleeves would only fit onto the jeans pieces if I used the side seams running down the grainline of the sleeve. I topstitched all of the seams, to keep the look casual.

So now I’m thinking this is not only easy, but fun…until I started to lay out the pieces?? The trim I used on the upper collar is the trim from the neckline of the discarded top! The first image is the first attempt…don’t like it. The second image, still not sure, but now I realised that I didn’t like the collar shape, so I changed it.

This meant the under collar was made in 3 pieces, but no one will see this anyway. Third image, I like the new collar shape, but don’t like how the black rever disappears into the black jacket. Luckily bondaweb pulls of fairly easily!

Looking back at image one, I really like the florals placed around the pockets, but I decided to use the contrasting floral to define the shape of the rever instead! To finish, I zigzagged round the edge of the fake embroidery, simply because I don’t know how well the iron on bondaweb works?

To highlight the tiny pieces of black floral, I used cream thread with the eyelet and leaf shape programmes on my bernina (a tiny little real bit of embroidery!) I used recently found vintage buttons, non matching, but all of a similar size. How do you decide which looks the best? For me it’s simply, which one will I enjoy wearing?

25 thoughts on “#refashioners2016 #jeanius

  1. I do like the florals around the pocket but I definitely think you made the right decision. That is a really classy denim jacket! I especially love those vintage buttons.

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    1. Thanks Jane, I like the floral on the pocket too, but the disappearing collar was so annoying.
      I had one button for years and never had used it, the bottom two I got a couple of days ago!! Sometimes it’s luck when you find these things, as you know, especially those vintage prints you keep finding which are lovely

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  2. I love it – its brilliant, and I really like the casual look of it posted on facebook. The lace really pops. Nice seam detailing going down the sleeve, and the buttons really finish it – it has a real style. Its beautifully thought out and executed. fantastic

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    1. Thank you Eimear you’re very kind. I am looking forward to wearing it and might tomorrow. But the colours almost make me think not summer and I would feel a bit like giving into Autumn coming! Where was the summer??

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    1. Thanks Shabana. The only thing I’m not sure about is the brightness of the cream flowers, I might stick it in the sink and let the black dye dirty it up a bit?? Or maybe that’s living too dangerously! !


  3. This is fabulous! The cream flowers are great…I think they make the jacket..honestly! You’ve inspired me to seek out some old jeans at the thrift store. This transformation is genius!

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  4. This looks amazing, and expensive! I’d admire you’re patience redoing the collar, it’s so easy for things to be left unfinished if somethings not quite as you’d like. I’m just wondering about the bondaweb, do you cut it away so it wouldn’t be seen in the gaps of the embroidery? 😀

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    1. Thank you. If i hadn’t redone the collar, I wouldn’t have worn it!! Just one of those things. I ironed the bondaweb onto the entire back of the lacy top. Then looked for the pairs of flowers. The bondaweb made it easier to cut them out. The solid flowers I cut whole, even better when there was 3 joined together. The outline ones I cut away the insides. The back peels off then when I pressed it onto the jacket I used a cloth in between. This pulled of most of the excess bondaweb. If you look closely there is probably still some there!

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  5. Deciding is the hardest bit Linda! I’ve often wailed “stop with the choices!!”.
    You’ve whipped up another lovely wearable piece and I was shocked to see YOU in a photo!! Terrific hair luvvy x

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    1. Yes I had to feature myself since someone recently mentioned that I usually don’t! I was thinking that, that hair needs cut, and so its done and just for a change the strips of colour to cover the strips of grey are purple. Doesn’t show up much though. I have brown hair that doesn’t grey too quickly, truly Scottish mousie brown!!


    1. Thank you. Initially I wanted the flowers on the pocket no matter what! But that disappearing rever won?
      Maybe you need a new pattern challenge or maybe it’s because we’re almost changing seasons??

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