Miss Lemon inspired blouse using another type of binding.

I said to someone once that it would take me a couple of years to decide what I wanted to do, and, after an odd series of events, I am once again back working at Edinburgh College of Art! I know that the work there suits me perfectly! Regardless of this change, here is a recent refashion influenced by Miss Lemon, personal secretary to Agatha Christie’s private detective, Hercule Poirot.

I do love a vintage inspired blouse, and this one is worn by Miss Lemon, on the TV series, Poirot. I have been collecting images of blouses worn by Miss Lemon on pinterest. I love them and think they are very much worth an interpretation!

As is often the case I’m starting with a garment to refashion, this time, a maxi skirt. The maxi skirt is actually quite disappointing in the amount of fabric it uses, so this one is going to have to be sleeveless.

The main feature I wanted to include is a lacy collar taken from a polyester chiffon top I have had for ages and don’t wear any more because it annoys me that I have to wear a vest top under it. So a contrasting collar and multiples of buttons will be the feature pieces of this top. Sometimes I really enjoy unpicking garments, actually that’s wrong. I enjoy unpicking garments when I’m using them for a refashion and particularly when it means I discover a new sewing method or technique. This one was a different way of using binding to attach the collar.This method used a strip of self fabric bias binding which was pressed in half lengthways.

I cut out and made up the top. I used a usual 3cm wide button stand with the centre front sitting in the centre at 1.5cm. I sewed in a step in line with the 1.5cm, bagged out and pressed, snipped and released the 1cm neck seam allowance. The binding was cut on the bias 2.5cm wide, and pressed in half lengthways.

The collar is stitched onto the neck edge.

The folded, pressed binding is sewn on top, sandwiching the collar between the binding and the neck edge.

Press this, fold downward and stitch in place covering all the raw neck edges. The only tricky bit on this method, is folding in the raw edges of the binding, at each end. Above is how it looks on the inside.

And how it looks on the outside of the garment.

Once again I used my 60’s vintage pattern, bit boring? Or simply since it’s a tried and tested shape it’s a good one to use again….and again? In fact knowing that a pattern fits you really well leaves you free to decide on the changes and details. I had to piece together 3 panels to get enough fabric to cut out the back, and added darts for a bit of shaping. Then finished the hem with side slits.

It is a very pretty Miss Lemon collar! Now I know I have another lacy collar, somewhere!


35 thoughts on “Miss Lemon inspired blouse using another type of binding.

  1. Its really lovely Linda – the lace collar really perks up the polka dots. Know what you mean about disappointing amount of fabric in a maxi! sleeves can be such a luxury….must look up those miss lemon outfits if that blouse is anything to go by!

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    1. Since I nearly always have to wear a cardi, living in windy Edinburgh, it doesn’t really matter about sleeves, but this top would have been nice with them. And yes it was a disappointing amount of fabric in the skirt. Definitely have a look at the Miss Lemon outfits, they’re lovely!

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  2. This is lovely, so elegant. I too shall look up the Miss Lemon outfits. I like Miss Marple outfits too. I have got a handmade cotton lace collar which my late parents bought for me in about 1975, still stored away carefully in tissue. You have definitely inspired me to get it out and have a think about what to do with it!

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    1. Whatever it would be, Miss Lemon would look gorgeous in her skirt. I have to confess, I don’t even own a skirt, made or rtw, I used to, but I haven’t worn one in years!!
      As for the cat, as soon as a camera comes out, he thinks it’s for him and he poses until his picture is taken!?

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  3. Ahh Linda, I love this remake! Not only for the polka dot fabric with contrast collar(which coincidentally echoes a dress I made for my daughter last week!) but for the tribute to Miss Lemon, who I agree, must surely be one of tv’s unsung fashion icons! What a wonderful idea to have a pinterest collection devoted to her😊

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  4. Oof, I wish I was so adept. I just completed a whole “sewing” project, recovering all of my patio furniture, using a hot glue gun rather than a needle and thread. That’s my skill level.


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