Using my vintage pattern for a bit of 70’s and how to narrow a sleeve.


When I made up the pink printed blouse, from this vintage pattern, I had it on my stand waiting for a bright enough day to photograph it. Looking at it I kept thinking how much the collar looked like a 70’s collar shape, reminding me of how we placed these wide collars over the lapel of a school blazer with a loose giant knotted school tie! With this thought firmly planted in my head, I knew it was only a matter of time before I would make it again, in a 70’s appropriate fabric?  Ta Dah!

It seems logical to me that a paper pattern produced in the 60’s would feature elements that would still be fashionable into the 70’s? Yes!

This kimono cost £6. The only pattern pieces that were too wide to fit into the available fabric were the sleeves. So here is a quick tutorial on how to make your sleeve pattern narrower.

Redraw round the original sleeve pattern piece.

Divide the sleeve equally, I chose 6 sections because the original sleeve shape was very full.

Overlap the sections to fit the required amount. I followed the measurement that was the same as the given cuff. Look at how the sleeve head shape changes, as you overlap the sections!?

Redraw round the new shape. Keeping the original grain line.

Of course the pattern on this fabric had to be matched, across the fronts, from the bottom edge up, because it has bust darts, side seams and back. This meant extra care when cutting out from my limited amount of fabric.

The only other thing that I changed on this pattern was the back. I gave it two back darts to give it more shaping.



15 thoughts on “Using my vintage pattern for a bit of 70’s and how to narrow a sleeve.

  1. Ooh that fabric is quite Missoni like Linda, what a steal at £6. Thanks for that sleeve tutorial; always up for a sleeve tute, they’re the bane of my life! Would one tape the 2 piece sleeve together and just increase evenly, or do you generally use a different method for a 2 piece sleeve?

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    1. Thanks, it is a nice piece of fabric. A two piece sleeve is cut differently. I have tried several methods, but it’s an old college note that works the best for me. I have no idea where it came from. I’ll put it on in a post for you to have a go.


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