Miss Marple, the muse, a refashion and reusing a collar shape

My favourite of all the Miss Marples is the one played by Geraldine Mckeown. I love the costume work of whoever designed the garments for this series. If I was younger I would dress like this all the time, but now I’m too old for doing that, when I say this I mainly mean the hats! But that doesn’t mean I can’t poach little bits and pieces for ideas for the things I make!

Found!! One giant, masses of fabric in it, waterfall cardigan. This one is perfect to refashion into a Miss Marple coatigan?

Once I find a shape I like I see no reason not to reuse it.

I used the collar shape that I had copied from my 50’s jacket. It was simple to make it a bit deeper by adding on 2 – 3 cms onto the outer edge only. I transferred the neck shape and the front rever shape too.

Scan_090316However, turns out, I don’t suit this coatigan at all, it looks better on the dummy than it looks on me. Time to rethink it? I decided simply to shorten it, unpicked and moved up the pockets and cut 15cm off the hem, leaving a new hem of 4cm. I also changed the buttons to a bigger size. The sleeves had been slightly too short so I added a narrow cuff.

It has kept a granny look though, maybe because the fabric looks like big plain knitting stitches, I don’t know, but at this new length it has become one of my new favourites!



22 thoughts on “Miss Marple, the muse, a refashion and reusing a collar shape

    1. I love them all, but particularly this Miss Marple, the clothes are brilliant. I have a pinterest board of her and Miss Lemon from Poirot. There’s a few collars and blouses for a bit of inspiration there.

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  1. I love it, its a great chunky knit…. going to have a look at the pinterest board of yours. Its not a miss marple I am familiar with (I do like that layering look on the second one). Great remake as always a perfect jacket for spring too!

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    1. Thanks Eimear. It’s a great weight for wearing now, but I’m really bad for making something, wearing it all the time and then forgetting about it for a while! The Poirot Miss Lemon has some brilliant outfits too.


  2. I do like the jacket better than the coatigan – the pockets work so well on it. I’m a big fan of Miss Marple, although I think Joan Hickson is probably my favourite (although not necessarily in fashion terms!).

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    1. Yes. Joan Hickson is good too. And probably much more historically accurate in what she wears.
      I can’t tell you how disappointed I was with the first one, and the look on my daughters face said it all. Sometimes it’s better not to ask?

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  3. Very clever and resourceful! Will look at those articles of clothing in a new way. Thank you for sharing!


  4. Great post as usual. The Miss Marple look is a classic! Personally I favour the Margaret Rutherford interpretation – broad flat brogues, a shapeless old wool skirt (pleated of course) with a dipping hem, teamed with a matching jacket, perfect for all year-round, all weather activities of any description! I think your remake is a very clear example of finding a large garment and then being able to revision the fabric within it. And nobody is too old for the Miss Marple style!


  5. I wondered if anyone would mention the Margaret Rutherford Miss Marple. I can picture her, as you described in my head. In the 80’s that’s exactly how I dressed, at the time, jumble sale finds and copies, and always the brogues.
    I have other coatigans like this, and they suit me, but I think it was the mass of the grey colour that didnt suit me?The shortened version is great and a new favourite. I had to change it since I knew I’d never wear it! I do like to look to vintage for inspiration and Miss Marple is one of the best.


    1. Thanks Linda. I was actually disappointed at the first version not suiting me, too much grey i think, and it almost became a UFO! But I’m good at resolving and finishing rather than putting aside! The final cardi is lovely and cosy!

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    1. Thank you. Great idea and a perfect finishing off touch. I should have tried harder when my granny showed me how to crochet. She was brilliant at it and I wasn’t interested!! I do have lots of brooches though!

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