Print with striped edge! and an almost fail!

In one of those searching the sale rail days I found a dress, liked the print and decided to team it with a striped rib edge. I like the odd mix of sportswear with knitwear that you see teamed together in certain high street stores!? And there are lots of sportswear type jackets and sweatshirts available a the vintage fairs now too! The t-shirt had been abandoned by my daughter and reclaimed by me! I can’t remember which thought came first, the rib, or the print or the sporting influence! Haha but certainly not a sporting influence for the sake of sport!

I knew there wasn’t going to be enough fabric for all the pattern pieces but I have, on occasion, managed to match the print and seam parts of the leftover fabric together. So I did this on the sleeves. This time it didn’t work!! The fabric was far too thick and bouncy making the supposedly invisible seams far too bulky and noticeable. You can see them in these photos. Failure! Oh no! I searched online to see if I could find another dress! No! Then a few weeks later I found another one. Time to remake the sleeves.

And these photos show the new and very much improved sleeve, longer in length because I now had enough fabric for this, and I made the cuff ribbing deeper too.

A sewing tip from this remake is that I when I want to finish off edges with ribbing, I use ribbed t-shirts or vests, they are a brilliant source of this type of fabric. Often the rib from a top is softer than you might want it to be, for example for the edge of a jacket. I interfaced half of the rib on this top because I was adding buttons and buttonholes. If you have a soft rib and need to make the rib edge feel even more substantial use elastic inside it!





21 thoughts on “Print with striped edge! and an almost fail!

  1. Linda, I have not seen this type of combination on the High Street but that’s not surprising because i do not shop LOL. Seriously, I love what you have remade. It’s very edgy and unique. Thank you for sharing the inspiration and your sewing tips!

    RUDE Girl

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    1. Thanks Karen. Much as I love a refashion, I just can’t help myself, I have to look at the shops!! My favourite is Urban Outfitters, they now have an Urban Renewal section, But it’s pretty expensive.

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      1. I think it’s good to look for inspiration in all places including the shops. But what I see in shops where I live, is poor quality fabrics and sewing. Cheap fast fashion. I would have to travel to the better side of town to boutique shops to be inspired.

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