Cosy Jumper refashion and sewing in a flat sleeve

I seriously wondered about posting this one! I just couldn’t decide if it was a bit boring or not! This was a really quick remake, I wanted to wear it now and it’s so cosy! Sale rail, big enough size to use with one of my patterns, but with a change of neckline! There were several pieces, particularly necklines that I’d be storing away in my head , while watching the film Brooklyn. This one was worn by the landlady, played by Julie Walters, sitting at the dinner table in a fine cream wool knitted version, with a tie and knot neckline. The only image available is the one from my memory!?

I combined 2 patterns to get the neck shape and body shape that I wanted.

I had to cut the pieces out, leaving enough space at each side to form the ties.


However, I was momentarily distracted and forgot about the neck tie strips but here is where I took them from? The loop or knot for the ties is formed from the original band of fabric used round the neck. I love making up a shape like this, it’s so fast to do and it is a perfect shape for sewing the sleeves in on the flat.

However, when I say flat, I usually mean curved, curved to follow the body curve shaping, and this sleeve seam usually still look curved when it’s laid flat, but when this sleeve is worn, it looks visually flat and straight!

I joined the shoulder seams, overlocked the seams together, and pressed towards the back. Matched the sleeve head notch with the shoulder line and sewed across.

Then overlock the seams together and press. The views are of the wrong and right sides of the fabric.

Fold along the sleeve and shoulder and match the side seams. I added shaping on the side seam at the hem so that I can have a feature side vent on each side, so I will only sew 1.5cm past the start of the vent shaping. I kept and reused the original hems from the front and back, and on the sleeves. I love it when parts of a refashion can be reused! Already worn and it’s become my go to cosy top for a frosty morning!


I will make this neckline again in a finer knit!


12 thoughts on “Cosy Jumper refashion and sewing in a flat sleeve

  1. thats a really lovely solution. really changes a very plain jumper into something a lot more interesting! it looks so warm as well- well wear…..I have to work on a fine knit soon…and I usually get them easily in the mens rail in charity shops, having said that, I am sure there are plenty fine knit sweater dresses about that give more fabric for the full Brooklyn effect. Look forward to seeing it if you get to make it

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    1. Thanks Eimear. It is as cosy to wear as it looks. I always have my eye on all the shops to see what I can find, although I’m finding less and less in the charity shops. Sounds like yours are better!!


  2. Well I had booked a date with hubby to see Brooklyn this evening, will now pay extra attention to Judy Waletrs jumper! Thanks for explaining the curve at the underarm portion of the sleeve. I’ve often wondered how one goes from loose fit F and B to slim fit sleeve, it’s always great to see the science behind the art Linda. Being a fan of a slim fitting sleeve, this is something I will have to employ. You never have to worry about serving up simplicity, there’s always some detail that’s fascinating!

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    1. Great, I really like a slim sleeve too! This sleeve works best on a dropped sleeve, wide body shape, but I’m sure you noticed that.
      Hope you enjoyed the film? I enjoyed the contrasts of the city and rural living and, of course, the relationships…when I managed to stop thinking about what necklines or blouses or outfits I wanted to try out!

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      1. I did have one query about the costume, which I really liked BTW. Did you get the feeling the costume designer had picked a ‘trend’ of the time and then overworked it? I noticed that if a trend was prevalent and I’m assuming the costume designer did their homework, then every garment had that ‘trend’ feature’. The buttons all the way up the neckline and the shawl collar spring to mind. They were on everyone. Or was the designer trying to set those ‘trendy’ types apart from the more down at heel characters, I found it a little distracting. But then its costume and like you I am destined for distraction!! Loved the movie.

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      2. I couldn’t decide whether the costumes looked deliberately home made or not! I was surprised at how ill fitting some of them looked. I hadn’t noticed the trend thing, but you’re probably right! What I am always aware of in this era of film is the size of the suitcase! Can you imagine this nowadays?


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