A vintage 50’s jacket and my copy!

I featured this jacket, which I bought a Vintage fair, in a post last year. It is a dress and jacket set, I have often worn the jacket, but never the dress. It doesn’t often happen, but this little jacket fits me really well! I knew it was only a matter of time before I would take a copy of the pattern and remake it into another fabric. This garment was a good one to copy, it was a light fabric and not big or bulky. The only tricky bit of copying in this garment was the dart, on the front side panel, sitting behind the pocket. I have spent lots of time manipulating darts of all shapes and sizes, but for one like this I’ve decided the simple way is the best!

The first pattern piece is directly traced from the jacket, with the sewn dart position marked on the pattern. The easiest way to form the dart on a simple pattern piece like this is to measure the amount of fabric used by the dart on the garment, then divide it equally and add the amount to either side of the seams, starting from 0 at the top dart point and adding equal amounts down to the hemline. Then mark the amount onto either side of the original dart line, therefore forming the dart shaping. If only manipulating darts back into a copied garment were as simple as this one!

I had been saving, yet another pair of palazzo pants, to remake into something new!  The only part I could not fit into my fabric remake were the pockets.

I could just fit in all the pieces, and of course in my haste, I hadn’t added the seam allowances and had to keep reminding myself.

It wasn’t until I started to make up the jacket that I realised that this print is so strong that the features of the collar and buttons are difficult to distinguish, however the pattern has worked and I made sure there was NO back neck facing, there was none on the original jacket anyway.  Can you believe it, I managed to get clear photographic images!!! I did take photos of how I snipped and tucked in the back collar at the neck, but because of the bold print, they are absolutely not clear enough? Typical!?







13 thoughts on “A vintage 50’s jacket and my copy!

    1. There really is a great amount of fabric in palazzo pants. The jacket was a good one because it had so many small panels, which made it even easier to squeeze them in! Looking forward to see what you make?


  1. It’s just incredible how great a job you do with these re-makes! I’m working on using up my fabric stash (which will take a few months at least) and then I want to try some re-makes, following your example.


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