Pink vintage pattern, pink refashion #VintagePledge2016


Such a pretty illustration, I love it! I had not intended on making this blouse, as I was recently reminded by the littlest thistle. I had got the pattern at a sewing meet and swap in Glasgow, but the temptation to make it was becoming irresistible! I decided to redraw the old pattern pieces, I’m not used to working with such flimsy paper! The lack of information on the pattern pieces did look oddly bare, but the instruction sheet was clear.

I already had a fabric piece from a skirt in mind for this but the problem with refashions is you don’t always get, in this case, the required fabric amount.

There was a seamed corner panel in this skirt that I hadn’t noticed, but it would still work for a sleeveless top. Put away for another day.

There was little that I liked about the shape of this dress, but the pink floral print was lovely and I could see there was a good amount of fabric in it, and a coordinating lining….and then there came that moment when I realised that it would be perfect for the vintage blouse pattern AND the sleeves and cuffs were already made for me! Time to cut out.

I decided to make the blouse up double, one layer print with the lining attached, except for the sleeves, they would be sheer, like the dress. All cut out, I pinned them flat and machine stitched round the pieces to hold them together. I attached the shoulders and side seams, then a quick try on to check the fit and the only words I can use to describe how it looked are ghastly and frumpy!! And I certainly did not take a photo!! Then I started the unpick.

Change of plan, get rid of the lining and make the top up as a single layer and maybe use the lining as a vest top. This is the camera shy brother, who knows exactly where to park himself when he wants something! If I had been carrying on with the 2 layers, this is how I would have assembled the collar, using 1/2 of the lining instead of interfacing, giving the collar stability and keeping the fabric appearance the same as the body of the blouse. I wanted to keep the cuffs and the sleeve as they were, but shorter, so I cut the length when I reshaped the sleeve head to fit the pattern.

I wasn’t sure if I would like this collar shape, it’s not one that we use much nowadays, but I wanted to stay true to the pattern, I spend enough time chopping things up and altering them. The pattern suggested 4 buttons for the front, but I decided to double them and use them as a feature. I tried making the lining into a vest for underneath, forget that, still looked ghastly and frumpy, I think it was the non drapy, solidness of the lining fabric that seemed so awful. I’ll wear a normal t-shirt vest with it instead.

Now I’m not sure why I used the back neck facing because I really do not like them, they poke out, I suppose it felt like the right thing to do since I was following an old pattern. There are at least 2 other methods I prefer to use when finishing off a back neck – for another day!!


9 thoughts on “Pink vintage pattern, pink refashion #VintagePledge2016

  1. I’ve only just come across this post – love it! I especially like your blunt honesty – ‘ghastly and frumpy’! But the final product, the blouse, looks beautiful and the paired buttons are perfect. And I agree about tracing delicate old patterns.

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