A refashion from a jumpsuit, trying out a sleeve

Sometimes when I’m shopping I spot a nice print even though it’s made up in a type of garment, this jumpsuit, that I would never wear or have the need to wear. I forgot about it until I had a quick check of a sale rail and there it was, waiting for me, total reduction to Ā£6, this was too much, or too little, for me to be able to resist!

I knew I had buttons, buttons that had never truly found their right place, but they were going to match this print so well!

So I’ve been experimenting with sleeves and I thought if there’s enough fabric I’ll make a top using a self drafted sleeve that I’ve been working on. I opened up the outside seams to check that I had enough fabric in the jumpsuit, and noted that I should avoid the dirty stiletto hole in the hemline, always a hazard for the refashioner!!

This sleeve head fitted in to the armhole very well, but I could see that it was far too splayed out across the actual width of the sleeve. I did not have enough fabric to cut another pair of sleeves, so I decided to play with what I had. An inverted tuck seemed like the perfect solution, the amount of fabric I used to form the tuck was determined by the width I wanted it to finish round my arm.

I had enough of the fabric left to make strips for a band for the bottom of each sleeve and to finish the neck edge with a tie! The sleeve bands hold the tucks in position and is 2cm deep, simply stitched and overlocked on, and pressed upwards.

Has anyone else seen the film Brooklyn !? This particular neck tie is inspired by the green blouse that the female lead wears in the film, although I think her neck tie was shorter! In fact there were many garment features I spotted during that film that I need to remake in some form or other!! #brooklynfilm




18 thoughts on “A refashion from a jumpsuit, trying out a sleeve

    1. Thanks. Refashioning is one of the most satisfying of all the sewing I do!! It’s actually even better when a part of the garment is already made for you, which wasn’t the case this time round??

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      1. I hear you. I also love a good refashion myself, it does really force you to be creative and think outside the square.


  1. great job. love the sleeve detailing, thats a nice high looking sleeve head. did you raise it? I always seem to prefer my sleeves to sit a bit higher than they (technically) should, i think its because i have narrow shoulders –

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    1. Hi Eimear. The sleeve is one of several ways of drafting that I’ve been playing with. I didn’t raise it, but you’re right, it is high, and it is drafted specifically for that top. You can try it for yourself soon!?


  2. Fab buttons and they match the fabric design! I love beautiful buttons; I collect them, even some picked up on the street. The sleeves seem retro to me and so does the material. I haven`t seen the movie that inspired you but I put it on my list. I think I would have chosen a stand up collar, maybe with a tiny frill on the top.
    I have an aversion to ties probably because I have worked in engineering since the 70s. Many women`s blouses had neck ties to mimic men in their suits and ties.
    You did an awesome job. How are you planning to wear this top?

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    1. Hi. it’s so interesting to hear a different perspective on neck ties and I think that when Chanel used them, she was chopping away at mens clothing and using the inspiration for herself and then later in her womens design work. I hadn’t thought of your 70s aspect, but I can see your point! A narrow collar with a frill would remind me of the Laura Ashley garments of the 70s/80s. I wear everything with jeans! But this top I have already worn with slim leg cropped trousers. It’s amazing how many people have a thing about buttons!!! I often used to find them in a local charity shop in bundles, but it closed down!!


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