Pink fabric to match pink vintage buttons

This is my first online fabric purchase – ever, from Ditto Fabrics and I am really pleased with it, particularly since I wanted it to match the vintage buttons I have been meaning to use for ages and my colour matching was done on a screen!

I’m sure when I ordered this fabric that I had it in my mind that I would make a version of this black and white checked jacket, which was based on an old 80’s pattern.

I was definitely going to keep the collar! However I wanted to try a reshape of the Sewoverit vintage shirt dress – shortened, replacing the tucks with darts, keeping the lowered front shoulder seam, minus the gathers – all of which I had already done here.

Also, I wanted to try yet another new sleeve draft but keeping the shirt dress turn up cuff! And there ends the list of reasons for what I decided to make. Now this sleeve I am pleased with!

To show that I do actually follow some of my own rules this fabric piece is a perfect example of  avoiding cutting out the pattern pieces on the fold. Even when it is washed, sometimes the fold remains, so for this piece I cut it with the selvages folded into the centre, avoiding the crease completely! You can find details of this here.


If I had stuck to my original plan I intended to have big square patch pockets on the boxy shape, like the original 80’s pattern, but the change of plan meant a change of pocket, I still wanted to go patch but decided on a neater shape and used my own tutorial in making these, and carried out with care, no scorched fingers!

Now this little jacket has a swing to it, not visible from the front and back views, but only at the sides! When I swapped the front and back tucks for darts I didn’t make the darts as wide as the tucks. If I increase the darts to match the tucks the shape will pull in, but for now I’ve decided to keep it as it is, already worn, it is comfortable and not restricting to wear. I do love those buttons!

19 thoughts on “Pink fabric to match pink vintage buttons

  1. Oh! I love this,. I’ve wanted to make a boiled wool jacket, the rtw ones I’ve seen have all had raw edges and overlapped seams so it’s interesting to see a different method. I’m curious to know how you did the buttonholes too. Great job, it’s given me some ideas.

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    1. Thank you. The buttonholes are just plain buttonholes on my machine. I think I get a choice of finer or wider and these are wider! I put them on vertically, and I’m so glad I did. Just the other day I put some on horizontally and forgot how precise you have to be with the sewing on of the buttons!!? I noticed all those raw edges and overlapped seams too and last year I made a little jacket to try them out! Thinking in flat on flat was different and I really had to think about it!! Enjoy your making.


  2. That’s a great post – lovely jacket. The Vintage Dress is a favourite of mine and you’ve definitely given me an idea about adapting it.

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    1. Thanks, the pattern is a favourite of mine too, but it’s the only one I’ve bought. I have several posts on changing the pattern, I definitely recommend giving it a try!!


  3. its beautiful – i adore the sleeve heads – they sit so well (dont know why sleeves fascinate me so!) its a lovely mix of breeziness and tailoring – beautifully balanced

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  4. Oh Linda, you’re a whizz, this is so lovely. I can see it dressed with jeans a swishy skirt, all manner of things. Is the fabric boiled wool? Your sleeve draft looks quite pointy at the cap, did you sew it like that or perhaps the draft looks pointier than it is in real life? I’m interested because last year (so long ago!) I did a lot of experiments with sleeve drafts. I discovered my underarm to shoulder point is perhaps a bit longer than most (Nana’s deltoids!), subsequently my sleeve cap always looks quite elongated. Do you draft from your own memory or do you use a book?So many questions Linda, you really must pop in for a cup of tea sometime. Only 21 hours flying to get here!

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    1. Hi Lesley, Tea and sewing chat sounds fab!! Thank you, and I do wear the jacket mainly with jeans. The sleeve draft is something I’ve meant to do for a long time and how to will be available soon if you want to try it for yourself. Well spotted, the sleeve head does look more pointed than I thought it should, but since I was following and playing with my own instructions I did sew it in as is, thinking I could easily round it off if necessary, but it worked!!! I think, perhaps, because of the thickness and easily sewn fabric, which describes itself as knitted washed wool mix. As it turns out, experimenting with sleeves is exciting stuff!


      1. Looking forward to your instructions Linda. It’s always been a better strategy for me to have a higher cap – just works for my shoulders/upper arms I think. Aloha x

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