A refashioned neck detail or not!

A lot of the refashions I do are from my wardrobe. I’ve noticed that the prices for thrift shop purchases here are more expensive than in other countries and can often equal the prices in some of our cheaper high street stores! So I often refashion things I have in my wardrobe, which is the cheapest way of all.
I have this top. I don’t like the length. I would like the length if it was a wider, boxer shape?

Being inspired by the neckline of the Sewoverit Joan dress, I’ve decided to take 6.5cm off the hem edge and use the cut off strip to create a Joan neckline.


Finished. Or is it? I’m sure you’ve already noticed! Here’s a tip, don’t do this type of neckline on a busy pattern. The method or technique works well but you can’t see it, it totally disappears into the print on the top…oops! Should have thought of that! ?

I’ll wear it for a while then remake the remake?

And I have a new idea! This time, before I chop it up, I’ve laid on pieces of – a strip of folded vest top and a piece of faux fur from a scarf – turning it into a cardigan with a faux fur edge – a mock up, just to see if I like it!!?


13 thoughts on “A refashioned neck detail or not!

  1. I vote for… well Linda its dealers choice I think!! I’m with you on the price of second hand clothes. Our local Vinnies is ridiculous. I’ve gone to a nice high street place down the road and found cheaper than they were selling the identical item for in Vinnies. Makes me angry because I give them a lot of clothes. Then I have to remind myself to be charitable n stuff!!!

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