Shirt to sweatshirt

You could do this with any shirt, this is just a quick refashion. I remade this one before I started writing this blog, BUT I knew someone who had the same shirt, although this one is a smaller size. So I borrowed it to get the before images! I really like a mixture of prints and I thought this mix worked well together, however I’m not always a fan of shirts so I wore it for a while, then abandoned it in my wardrobe. Much later I decided to give it a remake. Here’s the original shirt.

Just because I do, I had been collecting striped ribbing, from sale vests and thrift shop finds, and I decided to replace the collar with one of these rib pieces. I removed the collar and lowered and reshaped the neckline. I removed the button stands and matched the pattern across the fronts as much as possible. I always remove and keep the buttons. As a shirt it was quite long on me so I straightened the hem, but I didn’t like this new hem edge, so I used a strip of viscose from a t-shirt from my recycling stash and added it on, pulling it slightly to form a plain band for the edge.


I wear this refashioned top a lot, in fact it’s one of my favourites! For me, this sweatshirt is a far better piece of clothing! The black and white stripe rib seems to exaggerate the contrast of the black and white floral prints!

12 thoughts on “Shirt to sweatshirt

      1. The bottom, yes, not the jacket though, so I will have to wear it with my beige “Motor City” jacket – another favourite! I will have the jacket finished this month though! So I could wear it New Years! We have had an illness in the family, so there has been lots of visiting and not much sewing – but things are looking up!

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