Invisible zips finished with a facing

A series of images starting with the inserted invisible zip

I would normally machine stitch the facing in place, then turn the corner through, especially if the garment is lined, however this particular employer prefers the facings ends to be hand stitched.

7 thoughts on “Invisible zips finished with a facing

  1. Oh I really like this method its so haute! Thanks for these posts Linda, its great to improve techniques. A question, my last skirt, in fact all my faced skirts, seem to stretch out in the waist, so they’re never true yo my size by the time they’re sewn. I staystitsh the waist seam line straight away, I stitch in some binding (fine selvage actually), is there more I can do to prevent the stretching?

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    1. Hi Lesley, How annoying that the skirts stretch, especially when I tell your a bit of perfectionist!? Ok, so I’m going to assume that the waists are slightly curved towards the side seams since they have a facing. I don’t staystitch the edges because of the curve, I think this can sometimes stretch the fabric.I interface the facing but I cut the interfacing from the Pattern piece because the interfacing doesn’t tend to stretch. Sometimes I cut a seam allowance width strip, also from the pattern piece and iron this onto the waist edges of the front and backs, but only if this isn’t going to make it all too bulky! When you cut out the pieces, lay them flat until you go back to use them. I have seen many a distressed student face after leaving an unfinished garment on a dummy over night and the amount it can stretch out of shape is incredible!!! Happy sewing


      1. Thanks Linda, hmmm, perfectionism is a problem. Yes, its curved and I put the stretch down to bias-y ness. I like the idea of cutting the interfacing from the pattern piece, something I rarely do. Next skirt…

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