Christmas jumper for @loveyourclothes

My son bought himself a new scarf! Without realising it was one of the very wide, on trend scarves! He didn’t like it and so he gave it too me.

How are you supposed to wear it when your only 5 ft 1? I have a couple of these giant scarves and fight with how you are supposed to wear them so never being one to waste something I thought make a top! So the giant scarf just became a bit of fabric. Exactly 170 x 70 cm. I’m looking at the scarf fabric and thinking it’s such a big check that the shape should be boxy and simple and let the fabric work for itself!


I drafted the pattern, cut it out and made up the top, using cotton jersey, from a vest top as the neck binding, to keep the neckline comfortable to wear. At the back of my mind was the Love Your Clothes Christmas jumper campaign, inviting people to reuse an old one or reinvent their own. Now I must confess that I am NOT a fan of Christmas jumpers and I have never bought one!! However I do follow the Love Your Clothes campaign so I decided to give it a try, with the self restriction of not buying anything new to use on it.

Think! think! Make a snowflake! In something semi sheer, like net. I didn’t have any net but the old dressing up box had a charity shop bought child’s petticoat in it.



Several attempts later and using the old traditional way of creating paper snowflakes, I folded the net inside the paper, I settled for one I was happy with.


The images below show the top with the snowflake, the back view and then I added some jewels, unpicked from a blouse that had belonged to my daughter.

There’s certainly a bit of “Scottishness” about this Christmas jumper!!!




















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