@bimbleandpimble #bpsewvember Day 15. Heirloom

In my exploring, and thoroughly enjoying, my recent online world of sewing blogging I have recently added pinterest and instagram to this new world of pressing buttons! because on twitter I had noticed this


I had, up to this point, not used instagram, but I decided to learn how to use it and made it one of my three facts for Day1! My daughter has since pointed out that I haven’t been replying properly to people, so hopefully I can now? And with instagram comes a whole new world of # which I still have to explore!!?

One of the unexpected things about responding to the Sewing Word of the Day is how much it actually makes you think! Now we’re on Day 15, heirloom. The only things I could think of for this was two books of my granny’s that I had been given. I also have a few old photos, and these I am intending on taking to Edinburgh’s reminiscence centre at the Ocean Terminal shopping centre, to be added to their vast collection of local photographs. So here is my granny in the traditional Newhaven fishwives costume.


The first book is dated 1935 and it covers very many aspects of sewing, in fact the title speaks for itself

For me the other book is far more exciting, not just because it has superb illustrations, but it is aimed at the dressmaker and home sewing! There are all sorts of exciting pages in this book!


Who would have thought that I would have been led to this from one word? I haven’t opened the covers and looked at the pages of either of these books in very many years and I still wouldn’t have if it hadn’t been for these daily prompts!


9 thoughts on “@bimbleandpimble #bpsewvember Day 15. Heirloom

  1. You’ll have to tell me what’s your name on Pinterest, perhaps I can find you in between all my confusing button pressing. I loved the Heirloom Day. I thought of nothing then I thought of something special, something handed down. There is nothing better than seeing the old photos with their special history.

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    1. I have a Pinterest button at the side of the blog now – I think! I don’t have much there yet! Thoroughly enjoying the daily words- they do make you think differently for a change and I love seeing the images of the thoughts of the other sewing people!

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      1. I have been looking at WordPress through my IPad app for the last few days and it doesn’t show as much as my laptop, so your Pinterest is probably there, I just can’t see it. I will check it out when I have my laptop. It is very interesting to see the images and thoughts of others regarding sewing, when you can’t sew at the moment!


  2. Found it! Your granny’s outfit is wonderful – I love the confident stripes and the bias fold back, and the broad checks of her shirt; and the shorter skirt. This is one of my favourite periods, costume wise, maybe because working women are beginning to be well documented. What a great look. I have just spent a very happy hour trawling your past blog posts – it is early morning and the rest of the house is asleep. Hope you had a good Christmas!

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