Halloween from household items

When my children were younger one of MY favourite fancy dress times was Halloween. I loved it! I am no longer required in making their costumes now, but I do get included in the idea debate! The boy always wanted to be as gruesome as possible – great! Girls, disappointingly, usually want to be cats or something pretty, however my daughter was usually keen to experiment as long as when she looked at herself, she didn’t give herself too much of a fright!!  This is my favourite of all the Halloween costumes.

The film Nightmare before Christmas had just come out and my daughter was obsessed with watching it! Why do children watch the same thing over and over? Apart from the sweaty head she loved being Sally!

Sally from Nightmare before Christmas.
Sally from Nightmare before Christmas.

A younger age, a ghost and skeleton. The ghost shape is a circle, just like a ladies circle skirt, with a hood and the hood front filled in. I reshaped the hem, making the sleeve ends shorter and stitched a line for the arms to go through.  The mouth and eyes are cut from felt and glued on and holes cut for the eyes, a ghost needs to see where he’s going!
The skeleton is a black t-shirt and joggers, a bought mask and we all sat one day and drew the bones on card, cut them out and taped them on. A black cloak, previously used, finished off the outfit by covering the hair and the back.

Terminater was requested. I do enjoy a challenge and once the idea of the fridge magnet had popped into my head and established itself, it was easy. The fridge magnet was glued onto an eye patch and then the entire area held in place with fake self adhesive skin and then painted. The jacket was from a charity shop and cut down to size, the rest his own clothes.

I do love a zombie and this idea was used again recently by my son and his friend. The main feature of this, of course is the intestine – made from tights, and stuffed. I no longer buy stuffing, I use the inside of old pillows or cushions! Add some face paint and fake blood, a rip or two in some old clothes, a stupid walk, and done!

The young witch had to be made from a bin bag! Which is a brilliantly inexpensive idea! Cut slits for head and arms, shape hem, add silver stars and a belt.

Keeping the Halloween tradition ongoing, my son and his flatmate, last year, continued the zombie theme, with no help from me!?


9 thoughts on “Halloween from household items

  1. That eye is terrifying and brilliant in equal measure! As for those intestines – I’m almost sure I will dream about them tonight. You are definitely the queen of fancy dress!

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