70’s again!

Another trip to Glasgow,  this time we went to check out the university for my daughter, but we did happen to go in here

and she did buy this, so cute,  so 70’s!

Which reminds me, while I’m embracing some, but not all, of the fashion elements of that era I’m really enjoying the new TV series Cradle to Grave. I don’t watch much TV, too busy sewing, but I have to watch the last ever series of Downton Abbey and a new series of The Returned,  a bit oddly spooky, but I do like the music. Cradle to Grave is radio and TV presenter Danny Baker’s teenage tales, it’s set in the 70’s and yes I remember everything being that colour! The clothing is great and the show, for me, is very nostalgic. Peter Kay plays the dad and he’s excellent! I had noticed how good the soundtrack was and how it seemed strangely familiar. It was familiar, it was Squeeze!!! And by coincidence I went to see them in Glasgow Concert Hall last night. I do like their songs, but in a story-telling, foot-tapping kind of way, they were certainly never a band I would dance too, but the familiarity of the music was great, the concert hall was full and they played all the old favourites.

However the real temptation for me to go to this event was to see the poet John Cooper Clark!  I’ve seen him live before and he was brilliant – and he was again!!


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