A faux fur coat revamp

It’s getting colder here so it’s time to get out the cosy coats. So, as usual, I’m looking for something! New, vintage, charity shop!? Don’t care. I can’t find a black faux fur coat that I really like a anywhere!  Now, I do have one and I got it a few years ago, but I’m not keen on it! I have already shortened the sleeves and the body length. I have tweaked at the collar because it doesn’t sit nicely, it felt like it was flapping,  and eventually I just stuck on a brooch to keep it down. I don’t like the buttons, they’re too big and shiny.  And finally I don’t like the fur, I’m wondering now why I bought it!?
With this many things against it I have nothing to loose in attempting another revamp!!
First thing, remove the buttons, and I’ll replace these with traditional hooks and eyes. The hooks and eyes tend to make the front sit edge to edge, so this will loose some of the bulk at the front. Or big black poppers, which are on trend and much easier to fasten.
As for the fur – it is going to get a shave!!

All I can say is Not Recommended. Several hours later, a blister on my little finger, and with a big bit of help from my fabric scissors there was little difference!? Although I think the shine has gone, which is good, but I can’t quite shift the chevrons. So now I’m going to have to change that collar shape and unpick it, then shorten it at each end and turn it into a collar and revere. I made the new edge of the collar 7cm wide and marked the revere 7cm in from the corner.

This worked, in fact I should have done it ages ago – saved from recycling – except I would probably have made it into a scarf and book cover, like the one here! The images below show the finished coat. The chevrons still show a bit, but they’re not nearly as noticeable, the shine has gone, which I am really pleased about and I decided on the easier fastening option of big poppers.

Ready to wear! Not quite!

An update! Since I could still see bits of the chevrons in the fur I decided to steam it with my iron. I held it above the jacket, steamed and then ruffled the fur with my hand. It was dark by then, but if it’s made a significant difference I’ll take a photo and put it on here. I did not touch the fabric with the iron itself, it would probably melt. I knew it was changing the structure of the fur, because I could feel it, and if I had steamed too much it would have started to become matted!

The best of this experiment is that the shine on the fabric has been eliminated, that has definitely been a success, but there is still a hint of the chevron, however I am now looking forward to wearing it this winter.


8 thoughts on “A faux fur coat revamp

  1. I have to say I did laugh out loud at the thought of you shaving the fur! I can imagine the mess it made! It does look a very cosy coat so hopefully worth all that effort.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I really better wear it after all that work. It would have been really good fun if I hadn’t had to tidy the mess.
      How’s the new pal the overlocker? When I first got my new machine about 5 years ago, I let it sit in the box for a week!!?


  2. I did have a giggle at you taking your clippers out on the fur! Was it a short back and sides or grade 2 all over?! 😉 Hope your hand recovered and glad you’ve got something nicer to wear now it’s suddenly gone cold.

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    1. I’m never sure where these ideas come from, but it was worth a try because I would never have worn it again! Haha, the grade 2 wasn’t strong enough it was definitely a baldi. The big blister – not gone yet?


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