For a special occasion, and a furry friend.

I wanted a top, to be formal, smart and on trend. I had the trousers and the coat but needed the top! This printed shirt I saw in a high street store was almost exactly what I was looking for. It reflected the colours and prints of the 70’s, but I didn’t want a shirt collar, I wanted a long tie neck, not attached down to the button stands but sitting more like a scarf?

The answer was to buy two? I removed the collar from the first shirt and worked out the widest and longest scarf pieces I could get from the front, back and sleeves of the second shirt.


How to put together the tie pieces and then attach.


This top is exactly what I wanted, inexpensive and an original piece of clothing!

this 1

This left me with two collar and stands, a pair of cuffs, a narrow button stand and a piece of body fabric! These I have put aside for another project.

Did someone, somewhere mention furry friends!?


2 thoughts on “For a special occasion, and a furry friend.

    1. Funny yes, the featured cat is a bit odd! His brother has become more and more lovey the older he gets!
      As for the tie neck, I usually chop off the sleeves to make the ties. Give it a try, when you know the length between the notches just sew the tie on like a waistband

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