My first #vintagepledge

My first #vintagepledge, or at least kind of, if we count the 80’s now as vintage! I’m really looking forward to being part of this! I wanted to use a pattern of mine from back then, that I knew needed a bit of tweaking, and I wanted to try it in a floral fabric with drape, similar to the one I had made all those years ago! I found this kimono in a thrift shop, really liked the fabric and print and had bought it a couple of weeks ago for future use! Perfect for this blouse I think!

For the collar to sit open nicely I wanted to have a grown on facing, a separate one would have been fine but I didn’t have enough fabric. Since the fabric was limited I decided to use the back of the kimono for the front pieces.The fronts of the kimono were fine for the back pattern pieces but had to have a CB seam. The sleeves were the sleeves,  the cuffs and collar pieces were fitted in where there was space.


The kimono band was going to be perfect for a belt. And yes, at the moment I am addicted to making fabric belts to use yet another buckle from my collection? There was not enough fabric for the pockets.


The finished garment, a floral blouse, remade from an 80’s pattern. The main alteration I made to the pattern was to narrow the shoulders by shortening the shoulder seam and this meant shortening the length of the underarm seam of the sleeve to allow the sleeve to sit correctly in the armhole. Otherwise everything else stayed the same.


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