Sewing playlists and a promenade

A sewing playlist! That’s what someone mentioned on Twitter! One of my favourites bands to sew to, at the moment, are Tame Impala, so much so in fact that when my kids asked if I wanted to go to see them, I thought why not? It’s ages away! And occasionally I like to step out of my comfort zone – you only live once – right!?


Time does slip by and last Tuesday we went to see them at the Barrowland in Glasgow, a particularly good venue for its light shows, I’m told. However I forgot, or deliberately didn’t think about – no seat – standing for ages. But we did bump into one of my old pals so at least meeting him meant I wasn’t the oldest there!?
The Barrowland is one of those venues, in need of a bit of an upgrade but viewed on so fondly by locals and visitors. My feet ached but the band were fab and played my old favourite track, Elephant and my new favourite track, Let It Happen as their opening number!
My week ended with another trip to Glasgow for the Glasgow School of Art MDes Fashion Promenade, loved the venue, part of the student union, and the collections. I spent time making sample garments for some of the students on this course and it’s always a delight to see the individual pieces form into the student collections.


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