Another kimono reshape and a buckle

I had already reshaped this kimono for myself. As I said before the wide, boxy shape of the sleeves just doesn’t suit me, but I did like the print on the knit. I had reduced and reshaped the sleeve tapering it into the armhole and kept, but cut, the fringing, in half.

The only thing to alter on this was the hem, and to find buttons and make some buttonholes. I cut the hem just above the fringing, and had a think about the length I wanted the cardigan to be. However I did think it would be nice to use one of the buckles I had recently purchased.


I knew I needed a bit of length on the cardigan if I was to wear it with a belt. I decided to use one of the slim narrow buckles, clear coral coloured with a gold prong. So next decision made – gold buttons. I cut a 4cm strip off the hem of the top, the inside of the buckle measured 2cm so this gave me 1cm each side for seam allowance. However I needed a backing, and not being someone who likes to wait, or spend an unnecessary amount of money, this came to me in the form of a well matched redundant sheet.

I overlocked the hem edge and used my twin needle to finish the hem at 2.5cm. I made the buttonholes, when doing this I measure the button and add 2mm for the finished length of the buttonhole, and then sewed the buttons on.

There is a traditional way to make a belt loop on the side of a cardigan. I don’t know what this called so if anyone knows please tell me. I know it is a form of chain stitch and I use 4 threads but I know I haven’t conquered the correct technique! The next job was to mark and form a series of holes for the buckle prong. My Bernina has so many stitches and no. 16 forms an eyelet. Put in the number, line it up and press the foot – great – and without moving anything, press again, double is usually better especially on this knit fabric.

I really enjoy wearing this cardi, it’s a very flattering shape and I usually wear it with jeans.


6 thoughts on “Another kimono reshape and a buckle

  1. I am a huge fan of fringing whether on trend or not. Love your kimono +++ Fringing just happens to be on trend in Melbourne. I just added some rescued fringing from landfill to jean shorts today. The video should be on our Facebook blog at Rude Record tomorrow. Check it out. Thanks for sharing your refashion.

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    1. It’s my new ‘thing’ for the moment. You used to be able to take a piece of fabric to John Lewis department store and get one made. The buckle was in the fabric too, any width and they were fab. Maybe somewhere online still does this, I should have a look! ! I found these buckles in the haberdashery sections of two fabric shops and they’ve obviously been salvaged from other belts. It’s fun looking for them though. 🙂

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