Palazzo pants = flared top

Another pair of palazzo pants. Palazzo pants are one of my favourite finds, because they are made with so much fabric for me to play with. This pretty little print would match a grey jacket I have. So I wondered about using a pattern I had liked and made up a couple of times last summer.
Isn’t it odd when you go back and try something on again, as I did here, and it doesn’t look the same as how you remember it? I still like the shape and I was going to use the pattern again, but no, instead I’m going to take the bits I like from two patterns and try a new shape!

So I decided  I wanted the flare, fullness and silhouette of the newer top, but using the neck, shoulder, armhole and bust dart shaping of the older pattern. In this instance that meant simply laying the pattern pieces together and taking the relevant bits from each one. When working with any dart I always pin it away. This makes it easier to find the correct side seam shaping and matching the length.

I cheated when cutting out the top. The palazzo’s had straight outside and inside legs seams so I used these as my centre front and centre back seams. I used the rest of the fabric for a tie belt and forgot about the facings and armhole bias binding oops! Never mind I found the scraps from a black top that had already been saved from the recycling bag and chopped up for the hem of another garment.

To be worn with the belt on a thin day! – and – without the belt on a fat day!


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