August in Edinburgh

August in Edinburgh, when I can get past the inability of the majority of tourists to accept the normally organised habit of queuing at bus stops,  sometimes I make the most of the fringe and go to a few shows. This year 3 comedians. Paul Foot, sometimes on Noel Fielding’s team on Never Mind the Buzzcocks was feverishly manic. The suave Stephen K Amos! And Joel Dommett and his romantic problems!

The Stardust exhibition by David Baillie.

I expected the celebrity images, but my favourites were the photographs taken in the 1960’s, of the East End of London – the street views and the locals.

Like lots of people, sometimes you don’t appreciate what’s on your doorstep!?

But I really wish I’d gone to see this!



4 thoughts on “August in Edinburgh

  1. Sorry, but thats so funny. The rest of the world find the queuing in the UK curious to say the least. The way we handle it in the rest of the world is to just kind of huddle like penguins and let the elderly shuffle forward first!! You people are so orderly!

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    1. Haha! It’s a serious business here, and starts in primary school. We’re hungry and tired and must have that seat!? Only recently my bus queue was invaded by a group of tourists and the woman at the front had to say ‘there’s a queue’ she was rewarded with smiles of approval from us all!?


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