A top to create from beginning to end – part 4 – grading

Now make the top in whatever size suits you! The drafted top from the posts parts 1 – 3 is size small, size 10 – 12. Of course this would depend on how oversized or neat you would like the top to look on you??

For anyone who would like to try it here are the grading increments for you to produce sizes: XS = extra small = 6-8,  S = small = 10-12,  M = medium = 14-16,     L = large = 18-20.

The drafted pattern is marked in the red outline and is size small. To achieve all the sizes requires grading up and down the scale. The increments for grading this top are too unclear on the images so I’ll give the increments and the finished lengths of all the sides, working from the smallest to the largest.
Shoulder length   + (-) 4mm      221mm, 225mm, 229mm, 233mm
Front neck curve    + (-) 10mm  152mm, 162mm, 172mm, 182mm
Back neck curve     + (-) 10mm  113mm, 123mm, 133mm, 143mm
Armhole length   + (-) 8mm  220mm, 228mm, 236mm, 244mm
Side seam with curve   + (-) 5mm   415mm, 420mm, 425mm, 430mm
Centre front and back line + (-) 8mm increase at the neck edge
Centre front and back line + (-) 4mm length at the hem edge
Total centre front lengths      598mm, 610mm, 622mm, 634mm
Total centre back lengths      658mm, 670mm, 682mm, 694mm
Widths at shoulder, underarm and hem on a horizontal line + (-) 15mm
Hem widths    275mm, 290mm, 305mm, 320mm

I always think lists of increments look mind blowingly dull, but following with the colours is really useful and I do this when I’m sending off to other people as it makes them much easier to read when tracing off is required.


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