Another refashion

I decided to do another refashion #therefashioners2015 #getshirty. The potential for this plain white fabric from another man’s shirt meant I could try out an old pattern I had drafted in the eighties. I had be meaning to do this at some point anyway. Oops – I forgot to take a photo before I started, but this is what I was left with!

I used the original shirt collar but minus the stand, the cuffs I used as cuffs and I kept the front button stand but changed the buttons.  The shirt yoke supplied me with the patch pockets. The sleeves I cut from the shirt’s sleeves, with a piece patched on, from the shirt’s sleeve head, a bit off grain but you can’t see it, as it sits at the underarm. I used the lower part of this seam to create an opening for the cuffs, and finished the openings with bias binding cut from the remaining scraps of fabric.

I added some extra top stitching to give the seams twinneedled feature stitching. Because it’s a fairly boxy shape I added darts to the back.

Again, as with the other refashioned shirt, I made it, ironing every seam and then washed it. The collar piece was a gift – I couldn’t have drafted a better suited shape. In fact I lowered the front neckline to fit the collar.The puff on the sleeve is fuller than I would normally make it but I was determined to use the shirt cuffs and because they were smaller than my original cuff pattern piece I decided to try it! And I like it!

My daughter asked me why did I make a shirt from a shirt? I said it was a blouse. Like other refashioners I like the idea of salvaging pieces from the original shirt and reusing them again. She has now claimed this blouse, she wore it with a short, flippy floral skirt and it looked lovely on her, but she wouldn’t let me take a photo!


3 thoughts on “Another refashion

  1. This looks great! I love the pockets. I have been refashioning a blouse into a slightly different blouse this morning so I’m not sure what your daughter would have to say about that!


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