Remake a remake

Way back I made several tops from the same paper pattern using different fabrics and varying details. The fabric for each top originated from a printed dress. This is one that didn’t get worn, least favourite, but I really like the print so I’m not sure why?


Anyway I do still like the print and decided to use one of my newly acquired stash of buckles. I removed the neck bow and this gave me exactly enough fabric to use as a belt!

More buckles and buttons, from a visit to Mandors. I do like a traditional style button.

To finish the neckline, I cut bias strips using fabric from an old top and attached the binding as a facing. The buckle I chose to use is black so I decided to change the buttons too. Since I was working in Glasgow I took the opportunity to go to Mandors fabric store which is only a few minutes walk from the art school. Couldn’t you just spend hours looking through fabrics and haberdashery?!

As a detail I sewed the black buttons on with cream thread. I am really pleased with the changes and have worn this top already.


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