Sweatshirt revamp

For those traditional style sweatshirts to be revamped chop off the bottom rib and give them a crop!

Leave the edges raw to curl or twinneedle the hem at any depth. I stitched this one at 4.5cm. I made a deep hem on this sweatshirt for a more decorative feature.

The piece of fabric you have cut off from the bottom of the sweatshirt can be used in another way – use it to revamp a neckline! From it cut a strip, any depth, I cut this piece at 5cm deep and the width I made the same as the neck measurement.

Cut off the original neck rib and sew the 5cm strip, right sides of fabric together, to the raw neckline. I sew it on pulling the strip tightly onto the garment neckline so as not to cause bagging – looks good for a change. Taught but not too tight, it’s the tightness that causes the single layer raw edge to curl more! Finish the seam by overlocking or zig- zag. Cutting a straight line across this type of jersey fabric means it will not fray, it will only curl. The curl of the fabric gives a roll back on the neck edge. This technique can also be used on the hem line. In fact, the curl of the fabric gets better with washing and age!


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