Jean’s little black dress

Jean felt the dress was a bit short and when she had previously worn it, she kept pulling it down to try to cover her knees. It was Jean’s idea to add a bit of 7″ stretchy lace to the bottom edge with 3.5″ overlap and 3.5″ sitting below the finished hem edge. She had already reshaped the side seams so I followed her lines and on one side zig-zagged and overlocked the seam. On the other side l cut the fabric to the new seam edge and unpicked her hand stitching. This meant I could sew the lace on, while the dress was flat.


I pinned the lace finish line on the dress and pinned the lace on to follow this line. I pinned the lower edge too, above the original hemline and not on the bottom edge, as this would have stretched the fabric too much ( because of the thickness ). Using my twin-needle I stitched along the top edge, then twin-needled along the lower edge, just above the finished hem line.

I put the dress right sides together to join the side seam, matching the lace top and bottom edges.

I zig zagged and overlocked the seam. I then zig zagged the lace seam flat and continued this for 2cm onto the hem to secure it. I pressed the area with the steam iron but under a cloth, you can’t risk the lace melting! It looks great and gives the right amount of knee coverage.

Jean wore the dress to an evening out and it looked lovely.


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