Snap fasteners

I’ve just finished making sample garments for a textile designer. For myself I re-sew virtually anything that inspires me! What I realise is the fact that when you make up sample garments for someone else you cannot hide from the “bits” you let yourself avoid!! So what did I learn or relearn from this!?

I don’t like snap fasteners much so imagine my joy at being confronted with a whole range of them!! I like how they look, they function well as a form of fastening, but they are tricky to sew on! Placing them on as 1st, then 2nd, (it’s partner) then the 3rd one is fine but it’s always number 4 that I have the conflict with – the only answer is to measure and mark with total accuracy.

So apart from the required perfect positioning of them, I also don’t like them because when I hand sew them on they look messy! They look good from the fastening side but they can’t be sewn onto a single layer as the other side looks baggy and I hate seeing little stitches dotted randomly on the other side!

With not a button and buttonhole required, this had to be resolved.
The solution, as you can see in the image above, came as I sewed them on, multiples of them because I’d been avoiding them. And here it is, simple and functional because it secures the two layers and forms a little, neat knot. I was really pleased with how they looked. Both masculine and feminine!


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