Sweatshirt to jacket

I had been looking for an unlined, neutral coloured casual summer jacket. The one I had liked had disappeared from the shop and online. The great thing about obsessing over fashion and clothing is that these things don’t tend to escape your mind, and finally, there it was, a neutral coloured sweatshirt, in a large size, reduced to £7 and just waiting for me to make it into my little jacket.


The illustration above shows how I laid out the pattern pieces. I used almost every bit of fabric from the sweatshirt (if I hadn’t had enough fabric I would have bought another sweatshirt since it only cost £7).

On this jacket I did not bag out the collar and revere, I did use double fabric but I overlocked round the outside edge of the collar and revere and centre front. I wanted to see if this looked nice as an alternative to a normal finished edge.

Just what I wanted. I chose buttons from my extensive collection. And then, I thought I will make another one!

I made this one from a giant cardigan in a heavier weight of knit. The collar and revere are finished normally. I don’t like this jacket as much as the first one. I prefer the softer casual look of the first jacket.


7 thoughts on “Sweatshirt to jacket

    1. Thank you. The determination after being denied the jacket I had spotted in a shop. Sometimes it makes us produce something better! The pale grey one is so soft that it’s lovely to wear.


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