A Sunday afternoon

In between projects so it was time for me to make something from my endless list! I have just finished another top, new shape, based on two old patterns and I decided I had to have a belt with a buckle. Off to Edinburgh fabrics where I know they have a box of old and new buckles. And here’s today’s stash. Now I have to decide – which one will I use?


The National Museum of Scotland is nearby and I knew there was an exhibition that I wanted to see. (And only Jill knows why I had to go there!)

The exhibition was very good. I took no photos because I always feel like it’s not allowed, but I did discover that the Queen likes Pringle knitwear and they sent a selection for her wedding trousseau and the letter of thanks is exhibited. I could have walked out the place wearing at least three of the 50’s styles, they were fabulous. I was reminded that I dislike 80’s intarsia knitwear. Interestingly, the Pringle company didn’t just use celebrities to advertise their products, the “at home” images of Sophia Loren, in Pringle, were beautiful, but they chose real women who worked in the factories to model the knitwear for them. When they were chosen these women were sent to agencies to receive model training, but I love the idea of everyday workers modelling the clothes in Pringles’ worldwide advertising campaigns!


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