Vintage clothing

Judy’s Vintage Fair visits Edinburgh regularly and I love nothing more than an afternoon of rummaging round the stalls. It’s new home is in the Assembly Rooms,  George Street and it is a spectacularly, chandeliered venue! I always find something! – this is one of my favourite jewellery stands – Dear Rose With Love

The thrill of the “find” at Judy’s Vintage Fairs – I always have a list in my head of what I would like – but the thrill is really in the unexpected find – and I’ve been doing well!

Looks like I’m accumulating pieces from all the recent decades and these are some of my favourites:

1980’s jacket. Charlotte Halton is a name I remember on the labels on many garments I bought from River Island. Chelsea Girl had given itself a revamp and renamed itself River Island. This was one of my very favourite shops back in the 80’s and the 90’s and I still occasionally buy from there. And now Chelsea Girl once again has small ranges within the River Island stores.

This jacket caught my attention because I liked the fabric. Fortunately it was the right size, but I did reshape the side seams and the sleeve position – it was far too big shouldered to be worn now! But how did I not notice that the jacket only had three remaining buttons? The perfect button search was on – and it was a shock to find perfect replacements, in two sizes, so easily! I got the buttons from Edinburgh fabrics.

1970’s velvet jacket, look at that beautifully shaped collar, so typical of the era, in fact this one is fairly understated! I’ve been looking for this jacket for a long time now!

1960’s collared cardigan (with brooch of course). I do love a bit of sparkle in knitwear.

1950’s floral jacket, such a pretty print and such a fitted little shape. I like to wear this one with jeans.

1960’s/70’s pink floral blouse. Cute shape and love the tie belt, looks good with high waisted skirts or trousers.


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