Refashion a blouse or shirt to vest

This can be cut from any old or new blouse or shirt. I find the quest for a simple vest top is never ending. Even my friends comment on how difficult it is to find one that is cut and finished nicely – problems being that the vest top can be too low at the front, or the armholes too deep, or it’s too tight, or it’s too flared – the list of grievances can be endless! You would think it would be an easy thing to find but I have tried on many and usually manage to find something wrong with them.

So using an already tried and tested pattern and after lowering the neckline, the next problem was finding the right piece of fabric. This is the type of top that will be worn a lot, therefore washed a lot. I think that’s what made me think of trying a fabric with a wash label – and the conclusion was to buy a large size shirt from a thrift shop or one from a shop which I could return if the pattern pieces didn’t fit in. The illustration below shows how the pattern pieces fitted onto the shirt. The only compromise I had to make was on the front which had to have a ‘decorative’ extra piece from the back yoke to allow the front to be cut in full. I love this vest top and I have worn it so many times.


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