Jeans and trousers – the remake

I’m going to use the jeans pattern i have just made and make it into a pair of trousers for work. Back to the sales and I bought this pair of trousers in a bigger size to recut it. I machine washed them first to allow for any shrinkage, but this is me being over cautious! I liked the zip pocket detail on the trousers so I’ll keep them as a feature.

I need to make an alteration to the pattern. The jeans waistband is 4cm wide, the trouser waistband is 2.5cm wide. This difference of 1.5cm I will add onto the waist of the pattern pieces otherwise the new trouser will not sit on the correct part of the body.

The trouser needs to be taken apart. Keep the waistband and the zip and the placket, put these safely aside because they’ll be reused later. Unpick all other seams. I like to do this when I put my feet up and catch up with any TV shows I’m watching!

Take the trouser fronts and backs and find their grain lines (in the same way as I did on the paper pattern). Mark them with tailor’s chalk or pins at the top and bottom of the pieces.You can cut them out one at a time or in pairs. Cut out and ready to remake.


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