And sometimes my daughter collects too

Judy’s vintage fair is somewhere to explore for all ages and genders. My son buys ties for his weekend job and my daughter is as much a vintage lover as I am. They have grown up in a household full of “sewing” and the sewing language itself and how different it can be! I remember years ago when my children wondered why they were the only ones amongst their peers who used the word “garments” instead of “clothes”!

However these are some of the garments currently worn by my daughter and all found at Judy’s.

This top is so pretty and was spotted in someone else’s hand, I think I whispered something like ” follow that girl, in case she changes her mind” and luckily she did!

And here’s the pink floral again. I have to confess I sometimes pinch it from her. Whose top? Who paid for it anyway?


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