The £5 dresses

I move from pernickety, precise pattern cutting and making to – I want something new to wear now!!

So I jump between these two extremes, always looking out for where my next bit of inspiration will come from.

Here’s an example of my obsession for a simple top and then adapting it into several styles because I kept finding fabrics I liked.

The illustrations below show the various ways I changed and styled one pattern.


Above are the images of the finished tops and below is one more:

…and here is the thought process.

I loved these prints and they were all on dresses that I tried on several times until finally I realised that they just did not suit me. Style too young and too short. So I waited until they were reduced in price and bought them all!


The illustration above shows how I used the fabric from the dress. I unpicked parts of it and cut off other bits giving me the bodice front and back to use for neck and armhole bindings. I didn’t need the sleeves (but could have reused them as sleeves if I’d wanted to). The skirt front and back pieces gave me enough fabric to cut the front and back of the top. I kept the zips just in case I need them for future use.

However even after each one of these tops were complete, I decided to go back to them and ‘tweak’. They were slightly too long. I shortened each of them giving some plain hems, and others little side vents.


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