Moira’s trousers remodelled

My friend, Moira, had two new pairs of trousers, but she couldn’t wear them?

One pair had “the zip that sits at the top of the waistband and won’t stay up!”.

The other pair were “growers” when they’re new or newly washed they fit but as the day goes on they get looser and looser and look baggy and saggy!! Bad fabric with good stretch but no recovery.

To me this is excellent – a bit of problem solving required.


The zip solution: I was told that these trousers were never worn with anything tucked in so the solution was made easier: I cut a rectangle of lining, interfaced it and sewed it into a square, with no raw edge showing ( I didn’t want any overlocking thread or frayed edges to get into the zip teeth and burst them! I chose a button, marked the size and made the buttonhole. I pinned the square in line with the zip top stitching and sewed it on. Then marked the button position and stitched it on – not a safety pin in sight! The illustration above shows the method I used and shows alternative shaped piece. An alternative solution would have been to apply the same pieces to the inside – this would have made the piece invisible from the front but would have made it more fiddly to fasten for day to day use. Or you could use a piece of narrow elastic as a loop with the button – but I think these burst too easily.


The growers – well they may never stop growing but we took them in so much that I haven’t heard anything negative about them since. With Moira in them, and starting with the outside leg, I pinned down both outside leg seams, machine stitched, she tried them on but they were still too big, so onto the inside leg, I pinned them, again with her wearing them, but avoided changing the crutch length. Now a perfect fit. The illustration above shows how I altered these trousers.

One of the very attractive features of these trousers was the 8cm hem, which allows me to mention one of my favourite sewing toys ever – the twin needle – which can sew on any stretch fabric – even allows you to shorten t-shirts!


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