Floral padded jacket

Sometimes I think it’s good for inexperienced makers to start with alterations. You can practice on garments from the recycling bag and if it works – great. You will have remodelled a garment but if it doesn’t work it can go back into the recycling bag and a bit of experience has been gained at no cost!

This little jacket was bought in last winter’s sales. I felt it was a bit of a boxy shape?

Out it goes. But recently I saw more of these jackets still in the shops. Back it comes. Thought I might try to:

  1. Narrow the sleeves
  2. Give the body side seams more shaping. Remade, remodelled and saved from recycling!

Note. Did you know that all lined jackets are “pulled through” an opening in the lining sleeve seam. Go and have a look. Pull the sleeve linings outside in and on one sleeve you’ll see a line of machine stitching about 20cm long. This means that all fully lined jackets and coats can be machine stitched together including the hems, and pulled through this opening to finish. (There are at least 3 ways of finishing jacket and coat hems.)


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