My overcoat remake

Scan-8Someone reminded me of a coat I used to have that I loved and wore all the time. Pattern by me and made by me about 25 years ago! I had kept the pattern with the intention of making it again at sometime and since I had noticed these overcoat shapes appearing again in vintage shops and fairs, this confirmed the need to remake.

So I jumped straight in: got checked wool, cut out matching all checks, sewed in welt pockets. Quickly sewed it together, tried it on and it was huge (I forgot how much bigger 80’s shapes were) but with some perseverance I re-cut and sewed it together again.

Recently, while buying a birthday card, the (much younger sales assistant) complimented me on my coat. I loved it and thanked her without saying I’d made it myself!!

Of course my shabby 80s pattern had to be re-drafted. This time with amendments done correctly and notches where appropriate.

During my years of cutting patterns for others to make or be sent off and manufactured in factories abroad I have become more and more pernickety with the finished patterns!

And it is well worth it.

I bought more fabric, in a lighter weight, composition unknown but i knew it would hang well, jacquard lining, this time adding a long back vent (just to see if I could still sew them) and now have new second coat. Can’t wait to wear it but at the moment it’s still too cold.


4 thoughts on “My overcoat remake

  1. I love them both – but especially your most recent version. It is beautiful and classic. The stitching on the pockets is perfection.


  2. Very nice indeed! Great job and hopefully it gets me inspired to finish a cape I want to make for myself – and wheelchair too. The grey is beautiful, but as you say, it needs to be a little warmer for it. I am waiting with bated breath for the lovely warm weather that is being predicted for England by the end of the week – while I sit in front of my woodburning stove trying to keep warm – in June!?!


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