I feel like such a failure


I feel like such a failure!
I’ve been shopping for over
Twenty years, and I still
don’t have anything to wear!

“What’s fashionable” vs “what suits me”- can be completely different things!

Create a look for yourself without fashion trends dictating to you. We all follow trends, whether we’re aware of it or not, simply because these are what filters down into every shop and we choose to buy them. Sometimes they don’t suit, I’m a petite height, and invariably have this problem. So with the skills and knowledge I’ve picked up over the years I alter and adapt to suit myself.

I bought this jersey cardigan for £3. I already have a similar cardigan in black. So for £3 I’m going to play with this one, experiment and have fun with it.



Above are images of the finished wrap-over top. The illustration looks complicated, but all you are doing is looking for strips to make up a tie length. The sewn joins in the finished top disappear into the tied bow.

Some of us don’t always conform to the latest trends, but learn to “pick out” the bits we like. This includes other factors like size, age, complexion, hair colour. (As I discovered recently I don’t suit pale pink or blush or peachy shades any more!) We may love a favourite shape and want more – another colour – a floral – a geometric. We have found a garment that we’re not only comfortable in but looks great on us – and we would buy it again and again if we could, but that’s not likely. It doesn’t exist. And nowadays there’s the freedom of being able to enjoy very many looks and trends – I love recycling items of fashion clothing because I can chop it up guilt free! Sew them at home and create clothes to suit me.

So I had to make another one. This one started life as a kimono with a tie belt, bought for £3! I used the same technique as I did for the grey cardigan.


7 thoughts on “I feel like such a failure

  1. ….. amazing was the first word that came into my head today when I saw your blog for the first time( thanks to mention from the Thrifty Stitcher). You have given me so much to think about – with your skills and your depth of experience and your art school /educational experience you have so much to offer to people who make their own clothes. Looking forward to hearing more from you !


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