Kimono remodel

At the moment there are lots of inexpensive kimono’s in the sales. This is one of my most recent purchases for alteration. This time I bought the correct size to keep the alteration to the minimum since the nature of the style of a kimono shape is large and unfitted anyway. The first job was to – remove the fringing. Next job was to narrow the sleeve – wide kimono sleeves don’t suit me at all. I overlocked the hem and then twin needled it at 4cm deep. This particular fabric is a printed knit – I don’t like these if the print is darker on the outside than the inside (the kimono shape would flap open revealing the contrast inside – and I think this looks nasty!) however my intention was to add buttons and buttonholes – problem solved and fab looking vintage print cardigan produced – it cost £5, I used recycled buttons and it was a morning’s work.


I love buttons and I have been collecting them for years, only occasionally having to buy them. The local “save the children” charity shop used to sell little bundles of them along with buckles, but it closed down. Now I have found a great source in the St. Columbus Hospice charity shop on Leith Walk which has drawers full of these little gems!


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