Checked coat remodel

Does this happen to you? – happens to me all the time!

I see something that looks good in a charity or vintage shop and realise I already have something the same or similar at home.

I went on a trip to Glasgow , actually to an exhibit in the People’s Palace, which is a great museum full of everyday objects from the past and set in a Victorian building in Glasgow Green.

Following a bit of research the walk there took us via several vintage shops. “Minted“, “the City Retro Fashion” and “Mr Ben Retro Clothing” all in King Street, Glasgow and well worth a visit! And there amongst the coats was one of mine. Already moved into the recycling bag at home I decided it deserved a second chance!

A black and white prince of Wales check ( and there’s been an abundance of these in the shops recently) from Urban Outfitters sale about 6 years ago worn for a couple of seasons and abandoned.


Here is a drawing  of the shape amendments I made to this jacket…minus pocket flaps to save on bulk when new side seam had to go over edge of pockets. Back in the wardrobe.

Add a fur collar.


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