Fur collared cardigan

This cardigan started life as a jumper. I’m not sure why a bought the jumper, it had a round neck and was a nice square shape but actually quite boring. Then one day I was looking round the Shelter shop and found the collar, buttoned onto a cardigan, it was a cardigan I didn’t like but I thought the grey was a good match for the boring jumper.


To start, I traced off the inner collar shape onto paper. This shape would join to the centre fronts and form the correct neck shape for the facing. I marked with chalk the facing edges onto the centre front of the jumper. I cut the facings in interfacing and ironed this onto the front of the jumper, same applies to the back neck. I cut through the wool and interfacing to form the cardigan shape and open up the centre front. The wool won’t fray because of the glue of the interfacing. Measure the fronts to ensure they don’t stretch, and then zigzag or overlock this edge just to make it more secure. I cut the facings in grey cotton. The firmness and stability of the cotton facings will prevent the wool from stretching when it’s sewn. I attached the facing in the normal way with the fur collar sandwiched in between. I added buttonholes and recycled diamonte buttons.

I have worn this cardigan for years now. It’s starting to look worn out on the body fabric. I’ll probably save the collar for future use.


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