A top – what I was before

I was working on a pattern for a top and looking for a good fabric to make it up in. It had to be cheap because it was only an experiment.

These are three examples of how I like to work, (1) using a cheap bought garment, (2) using a garment from my recycling bag and (3) using a bought piece of fabric.

1. Coral floral print top. I love this print its so summery, but although it looked great as a pair of palazzo pants, i just cant imagine myself walking down the road with this amount of bright colour and print on my legs, even in the sunshine!

The fabric is soft and drapy and perfect to try out in a new pattern I’d been working on.


The experiment was a success. I really liked the shape of the pattern so I looked for something else to make it up in. In my wardrobe I found a rarely worn party dress and decided to use that.

2. The black and cream lacy top is made from a full skirted party dress. Although there was a lot of fabric in the dress it had to be patched together a bit and surprisingly proved tricky to cut out, much trickier than the palazzo pants had been.


And here is another one:

3. The paisley print was a bought piece of something man made from Edinburgh Fabrics. I’d like to say I cut it out straight from the pattern pieces to the fabric, but no. I thought it would be nice in a simple boxy shaped top but, then once I’d used the fuller shaped pattern, I thought the fabric would suit the new pattern much more. Remade even before I had time to wear it!



7 thoughts on “A top – what I was before

  1. Thumbs up – l like the ‘catching’ of the wide back whilst having full roaming for the front.
    With one of my sheer ones I once did an elastic-hold at the back only whilst leaving the full front unruled. YET: the muuuch more generous use for widths in your pattern together with ‘some reigning in’ is what’s specially alluring!

    LG, Gerlinde


  2. These are great! With just tiny adjustments it looks like different patterns entirely. Was this blouse from a pattern you made or is it one you bought? If bought, could you give the make and number. And if it was from your own making, maybe a tutorial would be helpful.
    Many thanks,


    1. Hi Cathy,
      Thank you for your comments. The top is based on a simple top that I drafted myself. However if you had any basic pattern, the front with bust dart and the back plain (or darted) for a top or dress you could use this as a base. I will put on a step by step post of how to hack or alter the pattern to get this shape, and if you make one it would be great to see it!?


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